Elevate your
executive search

Collaborate with our Expert Network for a Better Hiring Experience
We take you beyond recruiters. Beyond resumes. Beyond references.

Skyer offers a practical approach to finding your ideal candidate. We’ve replaced traditional recruiters with a team of transformative leaders elevating your search by hand-selecting the most qualified candidate for the role. Let us help you find top talent for your company.

Leverage a Team of Industry Experts

Streamline your hiring process through our network.

Skyer provides Senior Level Permanent Placement for innovative companies that want to hire impactful leaders.

We streamline your hiring process by carefully matching you with one of our transformational industry experts. A vast network of professionals and an advanced assessment process helps our experts to find the perfect fit for you.

What do we offer?

Eliminate the Stagnant ATS System

Experience the Power of Connections with Skyer's Engaging Hiring Model

Our unique service goes beyond just searching for candidates – it also includes a dedicated support team to make sure they get through the process smoothly, enabling us to continuously grow our network in no time!

By providing an outstanding Account Management and Mentoring solution, we attract stellar professionals and make a positive impression on your organization.

Candidates love our approach and it helps us tap into our ever-expanding network for ideal matchmaking!

The Skyer experience translates to:

Tap into our Professional Networks

Our innovative model connects you with carefully selected talent.

Instead of relying on stale contacts stored in a CRM (a reality for many traditional search firms), we tap into our industry experts’ dynamic professional networks. Our subject matter experts have an active network and can vouch for their expertise, reducing hiring risks for our clients.

Partner with Skyer and expect:

Partnering with Skyer

We prioritize the use of subject matter experts rather than recruiters. Having industry leaders handle our screening calls leads to better first interviews. Plus, it gives us access to an active referral network and lets us provide a consultative approach right from the start. Our subject matter experts bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table, ensuring that you receive top-notch consultation from the outset.

Step 1: Learn More

Contact Skyer to connect with an account Director to share more about your needs and how we can help.

Step 2: Elevate call

This is your first discovery call with your Skyer Account Director and Skyer Expert.

Step 3: Take off

Your Skyer Expert will start the search. They will tap into their networks, start screening talent and you will start receiving candidate presentations in as little as 2 weeks.