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Welcome to our exclusive Skyer network! We are seeking transformational leaders and experts in their industry who have a passion for advising, mentoring, and building professional relationships.

At Skyer, we are dedicated to transforming the traditional recruitment process. With your expertise and insights, we are able to identify and screen exceptional candidates more effectively.

Our network of experts provides clients the opportunity to have a consultative kick-off call at the beginning of every project, and our candidates have the chance to experience a speedy hiring process and meaningful conversations with leaders in their industry.

To ensure a smooth and successful recruitment process, we provide a Skyer account director to manage the client and candidate relationship and streamline the process. This leads to more efficiency for clients, a better experience for candidates, and a profitable opportunity for our experts.

Maximize your impact and earning potential as an industry expert in our network

Earn More and Contribute your Expertise

Our above-market profit-sharing plan rewards your expertise, referrals, and consulting contributions.

We believe in compensating our team members for efforts and contributions and providing opportunities for professional growth and success.

Become a Key Player in Our Team

At Skyer, we value the input and expertise of our Industry Experts. As an active advisor, you’ll have the chance to offer your knowledge and experience to the recruitment process and help shape the direction of our company.

Elevate your personal brand

Working with our team provides an excellent opportunity to elevate your personal brand and increase your visibility within the industry. You’ll have the chance to work with top clients, collaborate with other experts, provide thought leadership, and build your reputation through our multiple marketing channels.

If you’re passionate about transforming companies, revolutionizing the recruitment process, and want to share your knowledge, we invite you to learn more.

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